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September 24th - October 1st 2024

Apu Ausangate

Peru Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage to commune with the Ancient Mountain Spirit of Ausangate

What is included in this  e x p e r i e n c e ?

We meet in the legendary ancient capital of the Incan Empire - Cusco - where we will break bread with a welcome meal in the quaint San Blas District. Before our pilgrimage to Ausangate, we will begin a relaxed integration into the exotic world of the Sacred Valley at the Luxury retreat center Willka T'ika (included in the @cnntravel list as one of the World's Best Wellness Retreats).

We will open this great pilgrimage with Intentions, Live Music, and a Cacao Ceremony. We will have guided meditation and yoga every morning to align ourselves with clarity. You will have the option to book massages and reserve the two outdoor floral bath tubs under the clear, vast stars-scape. We will enjoy the famous seven chakra gardens, a traditional sweat lodge, music around the fire, and enjoy fresh, local, farm to table food. Once we settle in and orientate in this sacred land we will journey to Apu Ausangate for two nights. We will ride horseback through the mountain paths to witness the seven turquoise colored lagoons. Every morning and evening, we can soak ourselves in the natural healing hot springs. We will participate in a guided Quechua Ofrenda (an offering) to this Apu and natural guardian. We will ask for blessings on this new chapter in our life and permission to walk our most expansive path. We will have the option to commune with the master plant teacher, Wachuma (also known as San Pedro). At the end of our Pilgrimage to Ausungate you will be adorned with a royal, hand-crafted alpaca robe - the Robe of the Initiate - and gifted a pendant to symbolize the depth of this Great Journey we have taken together. (Both included in the price) We will end with one night at Aranwa Spa and Luxury Bath House to pamper ourselves at the end of our travels. Closing with one final celebratory, formal dinner and drinks. *non-refundable / luxury experience


A Pilgrimage of i n t i a t i o n

Join Sydney and Joshua, your hosts who have both lived in Peru, on a ceremonial trip to one of the wonders of the world.

No matter what transition or chapter of life you are experiencing right now, the spirit of Ausangate invites you to set your intention for the future. Ask for the permission and blessing of the earth to carry out your unique Soul mission. This is a Pilgrimage of initiation, of NEW beginnings, new relationships, new endeavors, or even a new personal evolution.

What is a Sacred  A p u ?

The Incas were an extremely spiritual people, finding life in many elements of nature. In Inca mythology, Apu can be the unique name of the powerful spirits of the mountains that live on their summit, or of the solitary rocks and caves that protect the local people in the highlands. These mountain spirits are guardians of the region of "Tawantinsuyo" (What the first peoples of the land call Peru)

The male Apu literally means “Lord” – it refers to strength and courage, while the female equivalent of Apu means “Mother” – nurturing and protective. We find that the inhabitants of the Andean regions made offerings to the Apus mountains. These were mainly corn chicha and coca leaves. In Peru, the highest peaks are venerated because they are closer to the sky, which is why the Apus mountains are sacred to the Incas.


The P e o p l e  of Ausangate 

The communities that dwell on and around Ausangate live a pastoral lifestyle. They herd llamas and alpacas, and trade with farming villages at lower altitudes for their other needs. These people’s lives are closely interwoven with their animals and with each another. Locals continue to practice their ancient traditions, such as Andean weaving. Yarn spun from their own alpaca wool is hand-dyed with plants and minerals, and carefully woven on a backstrap loom. The textiles they weave feature ancient designs which symbolize everyday life, and the spiritual beliefs of the community.


Apu Ausangate and  

A n d e a n   t r a d i t i o n s

One of the most basic concepts of life in the high Andes communities is that of ayniOften translated as “reciprocity,” ayni connotes an ever-shifting, dynamic balance in relationship. This give-and-take informs not only connections that exist among people, but also the bonds between humans and the natural world. It most especially applies to the bonds between people and Apu Ausangate.

Quechua communities that dwell on the mountain make offerings called k’intus to Apu Ausangate. The k’intu is offered as a sacrament to Apu Ausangate, to ensure his benevolent protection towards the people who dwell in his mighty presence. It is a symbol which reinforces their reciprocal bond. Coca leaves are the main ingredient of the k’intu. Spiritual elders of the villages, or misayoqs, say that the coca leaf is the favorite food of the Apus. To make a k’intu, three perfect coca leaves are held in the misayoq’s hand. The leaves are then infused with his breath. This places his intention for the well-being of the people into the offering.


t h e  i t i n e r a r y 

September 24th - October 1st

Tuesday 24th

Fly into Cusco Airport

Group Welcome meal in the San Blas District in Cusco

One night at Palacio del Inka, A Luxury Collection Hotel by Marriott

Wednesday 25th

Head to Willka T'ika Retreat Center

Yoga and Meditation

Guided Welcome Tour of Chakra Gardens

Opening Cacao Ceremony and Live Music  

Massages & Outdoor Floral Bath Under the Stars

Thursday 26th

Yoga and Meditation

Local Workshop

Fireside Song Circle

Massages & Outdoor Floral Bath Under the Stars

Friday 27th

Yoga and Meditation

Sweat Lodge in Pisac

Fireside Song Circle

Massages & Outdoor Floral Bath Under the Stars

Saturday 28th

Journey to Apu Ausungate for 2 Nights

Outdoor Yoga & Meditation

Horseback Riding to the 7 Sacred lLakes

​Natural Healing Hot Springs

Sunday 29th

Optional Plant Medicine Wachuma Hike in Ausungate

Despacho Offering and Blessing Ceremony

​Natural Healing Hot Springs 

Monday 30th

Aranwa Spa and Hotel for 1 Night

Luxury Bath House to pamper ourselves at the end of our travels

Celebratory Group Formal Dinner

Tuesday 1st

Breakfast at Aranwa Spa and Hotel

Massages, Treatments, and Relaxation until flight

Transportation to the Airport (or choose to stay longer on your own!)

*Schedule is subject to slight change










l u x u r y   r e t r e a t   c e n t e r   W i l l k a   T ' i k a 

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Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 10.27.14 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 10.25.15 AM.jpg

palacio del inka  luxury collection marriott


l u x u r y   u n n o   s p a   h o t e l    a r a n w a

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  • All inclusive besides your flights!

  • Transportation to and from the Airport

  • Group Welcome Dinner in the San Blas District in Cusco

  • Willka T'ika for 3 Nights

  • Journey / Tour of Apu Ausungate for 2 Nights

  • Aranwa Spa and Hotel for 1 Night

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes

  • Opening Cacao Ceremony and Live Music  

  • Optional Massages & Outdoor Floral Bath Under the Stars

  • Fireside Song Circle

  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony

  • Horseback Riding to the 7 Sacred Lakes

  • ​Natural Healing Hot Springs

  • Optional Plant Medicine Wachuma Hike in Ausungate

  • Traditional Despacho Offering and Blessing Ceremony

  • Luxury Bath House to Pamper Ourselves

  • Celebratory Group Formal Dinner

$4,444 Single Private Room
$4,000 Couple / Double Room

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