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india soul-journey retreat

  • Soul-Journey India Trip
    Soul-Journey India Trip
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    India, India
    This is an epic guided yantra through India to shake up your life and elevate your perspective!

join us if... you want to feel "ALIVE" again


You’re a human being.

You deserve a free, happy, healthy life. End of story. Period.

You’re a seeker.

You know that there is so much more knowledge to gain, but you haven’t quite found the path for you. Always curious and always wanting to learn about new cultures, skills, and philosophies.

You’re an adventurer.

Whether you adventure inwards or all over the world - you have the itch and are ready to scratch.

You’re a creative.

You have epic aspirations for your life and work, ideas of what you want to offer the world, but you can’t seem to sustain the creative energy and motivation to do it.

you have the itch, now what


“Will I ever feel fully alive, healthy, and excited again?”

“I have traded in my truth for comfort. Fuck comfort.”

“I want to create big shifts in my life, the small progress I have made is not lasting.”


“I want to be more connected and spiritual, but I also need it to be backed in science and accessible.”


“I see right through the bullshit in my life and I’m ready to call it outloud!”


“I crave a big life, a meaningful life, a free life.”

you have decided its time to shake up your life


You can probably think of infinite excuses to why you can’t travel to India on a Soul-Journey right now. You have a life, job, relationships, responsibilities - and day after day you are very busy checking the boxes of what you think you should be doing. Let’s stop the robotic existence and take a moment to write our OWN checklists.

You you have an idea about the type of life you want to live.

You understand when you are getting caught up in our societies game. You can see when you are participating in life half heartedly - not fully in it. You have a vision or even just a feeling of your highest potential and you aren't there yet.



about the retreat


This Soul journey through India is a 20-day wellness immersion specifically designed to help you wake up from the simulation, elevate your current perspective, shake up your current routine, and provide the tools to get clear on what you need to transform your life. Dates TBA.


The trip will weave together meditation + yoga, transformational workshops, life coaching, nature connection, creative expression, musical jam sessions, and so much more.

your journey includes


– 19 nights of accommodations (shared or single)

– 3 Healthy Meals (excluding free-time afternoons)

– Opening Intention Setting

– Cacao Ceremony

– Goal Setting Workshop

– Financial Mindset Shift

– Daily Group Breathwork or Meditation Practice

– Introduction to Kundalini Yoga

– Buddhist Middle Way Introduction (taught by a buddhist monk)

– Adventure Trekking in Nature

– 3 Sacred Temple Visits

– Local Excursions Site-seeing

– Closing Integration


Hindu Temple

itinerary and locations


rishikesh  7 days

– relax and come together with opening ceremonies at luxurious retreat center

– come into your body with Vinyassa Yoga flows

– sit in on profond "Satsang lectures" from local swamis

– dip, cleanse and baptize yourself in the Ganga River

– all day nature trekk + waterfall hike

– participate in drum circles and take lessons on local instruments

– arti "fire ceremony"

– sunrise Hindu temple visit

amritsar  2 days

– experience the "holy city" of India

– workshop on energy in our bodies

– balance your body, mind, and emotions with Kundalini Yoga

– visit the Golden Temple (spiritual pilgrimage site)

– *option to wake up for 3:00 AM ceremony and prayers at the Golden Temple

punjab  1 day

– visit another sacred temple, the Sikh's first pilgrimage site

– have the opportunity to chant an ancient and powerful mantra on all 84 steps of Goindwal Sahib​


– take an indian food cooking class on a local farm

dharamshala  5 days

– visit the home of the Dali Lama

– Buddhist Middle Way 101 lecture + meditation with a local monk

– prayer flag walking meditation

– 48 hour silent meditation

– Mandala Tangka drawing workshop with Buddhist monk


– adventure sports day, paragliding in the Himalayans

goa  5 days

– goal setting workshop

– enjoy the beach

– ending ceremonies + integration

this retreat is for you if...


You’re feeling stuck in your life,

bound by your circumstances, or just in need of a positive shift in yourself, your relationships, or your work.

You already love traveling,

this trip will take us through the beating culture heart of India. Out of the crazy polluted big cities - get an authentic taste of India with our local friends to guide us.

what you will receive


When you alter the direction of your life, you’ll experience:


Access to Empowered Energy

Focused Thinking

Clearer Goals

A Deep Connection With Your Soul

A Relationship with Nature

Renewed Excitement + Playfulness

Opportunity for Creative Expression

Genuine Connections + Community

your guide




an artist, creative director, certified yoga and meditation teacher.


"India unlocked a newfound compassion in my heart and an elevated perspective on this world and my own life."


Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when registration is open and when you can lock in your spot to India with us!

what is included?




domestic flights

taxis + transportation during trip

meals (excluding free nights)

tea + coffee during meal time

yoga + meditation classes

workshops + lectures

all treks + adventure sports

entrance to temples + sacred sites

NOT included

international flights

your first and last taxi from airport

medicine or medical treatment

shopping + souvenirs

  • Soul-Journey India Trip
    Soul-Journey India Trip
    Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    India, India
    This is an epic guided yantra through India to shake up your life and elevate your perspective!
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