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Sacred Transformational Retreat


10 DAY / 9 NIGHT


Saludos desde el Valle Sagrado


This 10 Day Rewild Retreat comes to you from the depth of our heart and soul.

A container carrying the intention to bring you home to yourself in a way that has yet to be experienced.


To REWILD, means to return home to the wild woman within. #satnam


The wild woman is YOU, standing unwavering in the authentic expression of who you are, following the flow of each and every moment without fear.


The world is inviting us women to remember the power we carry in co-creating peace and harmony in the world.


Our healing as women, is the healing of the world.

There are layers to be shed; a process of unlearning, and then remembering.

This sacred space is designed to accelerate that process.


Held in the arms of sacred sisterhood, we invite you to unfold, and DANCE with us here in the Sacred Valley, Cusco (Pisac), Peru.


THIS January - February 2022



𖦹 Daily Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork

𖦹 Despacho Offering

𖦹 Opening Cacao Ceremony

𖦹 2 Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

𖦹 Sacred Moon Pipe Ceremony

𖦹 Voice Alchemy & Activation Workshop

𖦹 Chakra Workshop: Exploring & Uncovering Patterns

𖦹 2 Huachuma (San Pedro) Plant Medicine Ceremonies

𖦹 Excursions to Sacred Lands Centered in Prayer

𖦹 Yoga & Paddle Boarding Excursion to a Sacred Mountain Lake

𖦹 Ceremonial Mensuration Workshop

𖦹 Sacred Mensuration Ceremony

𖦹 Yoni Mapping / Pelvic Workshop

𖦹 Nightly Fire & Book Club / Story Telling

𖦹 Holy Trinity Workshop and Sharing Circle

𖦹 Wild Paint Embodiment Photoshoot

    + MANY MORE surprises


Moon Cycle Teachings & Mensuration Ceremony

We will learn about our sacred cycles, how to incorporate our cycles in our lives, and how to offer our blood in sacred ceremony. We are creatures of rhythm (even if we don't bleed) How can we dance in beat to the moon and our hearts.


Despacho Offering & Flower Blessings

 a ritual offering used to create an exchange of gratitude between human beings and the natural world. It is an ancient ceremony of prayer in the Q'ero lineage, from the Andes of Peru. A combination of plant, animal, mineral, and human made products are used in this prayer offering, each element represents something specific and carries a prayer of its own. 

Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is a sacred plant that has been worshiped and used across the America’s for many generations. It has been used in ceremony to help heal the heart center. It is a medicine of the heart that helps to rebalance every level of our being and the energies within our system.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 7.16.36 PM.jpg

Women's Educational Workshops

We will dive deep into sacred teachings on our wombs, bodies, minds and Souls.

Workshops include kundalini energy, the chakras, ten energy bodies, feminine anatomy, sex magik, manifestation, vocal activation,  and more!


Sweat Lodge
& Ancestral Prayer

Our dear sister Leti will guide us in two sweat lodges from the camino rojo path, a traditional four door sweat. 

We will sing, breathe and connect to our prayers in one of the most transformational rituals women throughout history have practiced.


Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Together we will connect with huachuma (San Pedro) or the grandfather medicine in two sacred ceremonies guided by sister Shahaf.

This sacred cactus medicine will open our hearts, show us Truth, and create a space of profound healing and transformation.

Embodiment Paint Photoshoot

Our bodies are beautiful sacred temples. We want to create a space of self-expression, body empowerment, and creative flow - in a epic embodiment workshop and photoshoot.

We won't give away everything. But know you will be held and experience something you have never dreamed of!


Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing

We will have daily meditation and breathwork classes, Kundalini Yoga, and special movement classes to help us stimulate, expand, and direct our unique energies.

FEEL your energy.


Sharing Circles & Self-Reflection

Our intimate group of women will have a safe space to share, be vulnerable, and transform together.

We designed this retreat to perfectly guide you through a journey of self-reflection, unlearning, and remembering who you really are.


Connection to Pachamama

Being in nature is one of the most epic ways we can connect to the "wild woman" within.


We will be going on stunning hikes and communing with our earth mother, Pachamama.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 7.10.54 PM.png


"Sam is someone who understands the deeper dimensions and multiple access points to the divine nature of reality, Sam is well-equipped to support her clients in a myriad of ways. Her commitment to deeply listening and supporting me both within and outside of our sessions, provides a potent space for healing and transformation that I would recommend to anyone.


"Syd is actually an angel on this Earth. The medicine that she carries is a powerful and rare find. The depth of truth from which she holds space can be tangibly felt and ripples into the entire experience while practicing. I feel so blessed to know such a beautiful soul. Syd is truly a gift to humankind."

- LaVina

Sam & Sydney



Sam Howard

Sam weaves many modalities and teachings into the medicine she carries. She has spent many years Immersed in both study as well as personal healing to get to where she is today. She holds a degree in Psychotherapy, and is currently expanding her practise through an education in Hypnotherapy. She is deeply passionate about helping women journey through their minds and self-limiting belief narratives to rise above, into their highest expression. After working on her Masters degree at a Buddhist university she is committed to weaving both traditional as well as spiritual teachings together to create a powerful healing container for others.

She has been working both one on one as well as in groups and trainings with woman for many years. She feels deep in her bones, that as women heal, the world heals!

Sam is also a passionate womb healer. Working side by side with one of her dearest sisters, she has created an online training to help women come home to a sacred relationship with their wombs. Gathering teachings from around the world, and combining prayer, ritual and ceremony, they have created a one of a kind container of womb rooted healing.

Sam has also spent many years working intimately with plant medicines and ceremony


Her main teacher has been Ayahuasca and after over 3 years of travelling the world working with this medicine, she was finally called to the Peruvian jungle where she lived for six months immersed in a deep personal process of healing. She loves to bring ceremony, and prayer into the lives of others, as she is a walking embodiment of the healing potential container within these sacred practises. 

Sydney is a certified KRI kundalini yoga + meditation teacher. A trained breathwork facilitator, vibrational sound healing therapist, and Usui Reiki Energy Healer. She is also experienced in hosting ceremonies and holding women's circles virtually, every single week for over a year.

She has taught and facilitated all over the world: (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, India, New York City, Los Angeles, Orange County) in various settings: (retreats, yoga studios, rehabilitation centers, corporate offices, public libraries, colleges, universities, sacred ceremonies, and private events).

Years of training and devoted practice have led her to this point of commitment to her mission of helping others find their unique path and next step in their Soul's evolution.

Her teaching style blends ancient yogic Eastern traditions with Western science to create a balanced learning environment. Sydney can effortlessly explain concepts in an accessible and digestible way, but most importantly she transmits her knowledge through her own personal embodiment and open heart. Life is a beautiful sacred gift. Sydney's mission is to help all her students learn their lessons in "Earth School" with grace and inner sovereignty.

Sydney Strabala




Shahaf is a musician, medicine women and a tattoo artist. love to connect with spirit in all forms of art

has been living in Peru for the past 4  and half years, working with the medicine for 8 years , supporting  and holding ceremonies  of ayahuasca and wachuma, with a lot of love and respect for all of the traditions and cultures. My partner and I own a company named " mayantu vision " . The vision of mayantu is to create healthy and profitable connections between different tribes and westerners clientes through art and jungle medicines.

Guiding circles of voice opening as a tool for expansion,  connection  and expression, understanding the power of your voice as a tool to connect with divinity. Music is one of her biggest passion,  she’s studying and collecting music from different culture in the world,  and her original music shared online.

Shahaf offering her hand poke tattoos as a ritual of transformation and integration for significant moments in her clients life . in a ceremonial and sacred space

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-30 at 6.33.10 PM.jpeg

Letizia Xiuh

Letizia Xiuh has been living and sharing her medicine magic in the Sacred Valley of Peru for almost a decade. Born and raised in Venezuela, a Medicine Woman by blood, she holds 5th generation native medicine lineage from the North of Peru and has sat in and held over a thousand ceremonies.

Letizia also holds powerful and transformative Sweat Lodges that are guided by the elements, Medicine cross teachings and her own studies and experiences of the Red Road. Guided by the Medicine Cross and nature based spirituality, including the 7 direction teaching in how she lives and serves, Letizia holds a heartfelt mission to heal all our relations. A talented musician and beautiful songstress, she offers ancestral sound healing and songs as part of all her offerings. She holds a safe and sacred space that holds you and keeps your heart warm as she guides you to journey into the depths of your soul to find your own capacity to heal and connect to your highest potential and purpose.


Dorian Drislane

Medicine Songs and Space Holder

Plant Medicine Facilitator.

Dorian is a women's embodiment coach and holds a gentle power to help you transform and step into your highest potentiality. 

Dorian is also an artist of various mediums including photography.

A photograph immortalizes the essence of people, things, and moments throughout time and space. It can dramatize moods, and with manipulation, create alternate doors to other worlds. 

It's through this vision I bring my art to the world. 


Past clients include: Lightning in a Bottle, Bhakti Yoga Festival, Elephant Heart, Ultra Light, Beautycounter, LOCALE Magazine, Paramount Pictures VRTL Summit, Youtube’s Artist Lounge at Camp Flawg Naw, PBS



Lindsay is the founder of Lucid Life Yoga School and Sisters of the Moon Online Course. Lindsay is a certified Vinyasa 500 HR YTT and a trained and certified Ayurvedic Consult. 

Lindsay shares soul expanding practices through Yoga, Āyurveda & story telling.


Jess Howard

Jess is a past Registered Nurse having specialized in labor, birth & postpartum. Her career as a nurse opened her eyes to the lack of true understanding and support of the woman’s body. A deep desire began to stir in her soul, to support women beyond the hospital policies and doctors orders. Jess quit her corporate job, traveled, and continued her education in Well Wombyn's Care. Jess's formal education/trainings, along side her self study and self healing journey has built a foundation for her expert practice in supporting, educating and healing women from menstruation through menopause rooted in the truth of our physiology as women.


Jess finds her true joy and spiritual support through her deep connection with Mother Earth and all of her creations. Time in natureis a space for sacred connection and reflection from the Divine. Whether gardening, sitting by a river, or walking barefoot through the forest, Jess's greatest teacher is the Earth.


"My experience working with Sam has been invaluable. I have gained access to the inner guidance and wisdom that lives within my being through our guided meditation practises along with our deep exploration, dissection, and transformation of my minds habits and patterns. Through the framework of one on one personalized sessions, I have been able invite deeper levels of self compassion into my life, while I discover the infinite power of my light, embrace my vulnerabilities, and take full self-responsibility over consciously creating my desired reality, and life experience.Sam has been a mirror for me. Never telling me what I “should” do, but simply reflecting what she hears and bringing my awareness to what I am not seeing. and calling into my life.

- Jenny

"I have always connected with the way Sydney teaches, giving everything from her heart to her classes, integrating her essence, staying true to herself and helping us connect in a deeper level with ourselves, so needed for this time in history. It definitely prepared me for this season ahead. So grateful to have you in this world Sydney." 

- Veronica (Past Student)


Retreat Location


Rejuvenate, relax, and cultivate well-being at Willka T’ika, our exquisite eco-friendly sanctuary and retreat center.

The Quechua name “Willka T’ika” means sacred flower

About the retreat center: Carol Cumes founder of Willka T’ika in 1994, writes: “I first visited the Sacred Valley in the ’80s and was so captivated by the powerful healing energy that I continued to return year after year. In 1994, I decided to purchase a barren strip of land where Willka T’ika now stands. As a longtime yoga practitioner, I wanted to create a retreat center synergizing Andean culture and cosmology with yoga philosophy and lifestyle. Over the next two decades, I cultivated long term relationships with authentic native healers and knowledgeable local guides. 


You can relax and enjoy your stay, knowing that you are:

  • Supporting the local community and peoples

  • Respecting our natural environment in a sustainable way

  • Joining experienced, trusted tour guides

  • Enjoying nutritious, farm-to-table organic food

  • Experiencing authentic healing ceremonies

Your Investment

Women wisdom, ceremony & mentorship

Pricing for this sacred experience is = $3,333 usd


We are excited to be offering you the early bird special for only = $2,999 usd


Payment Plans are also available. 


To Do:


1) Please fill out our application form:

(if the link doesn't appear as a hyperlink, please copy and paste into a new window, this is an important step in the registration process)


2) Reach out asap: Email to put down your deposit for the early bird pricing - spots are limited. & space for the retreat itself will also be limited to keep a safe, intimate & connected container! xx


"Working with Sam has been one of the greatest investments I’ve made in myself. After doing several plant medicine journeys, her integration sessions were essential to my continued healing in order to fully metabolize all of my experiences and turn them into embodied wisdom. After that, our work together didn’t stop. I continue to meet with Sam on a weekly basis and it has become a crucial aspect of my self care. She is basically the best friend, sister, coach and conscious therapist I didn’t know I needed!!! She is deeply intuitive, caring and integrated in the wisdom she holds around the mind. Her loving energy allows me to open up and truly be seen in all that I am. I am deeply grateful for Sam and her service to the world and I highly recommend working with her!"

- Elizabeth



Cacao is a sacred (non-psychedelic) plant that has been worshiped and used across the America’s for many generations. It has been used in ceremony to help heal the heart center. It is a medicine of the heart that helps to rebalance every level of our being and the energies within our system. It works on a physical level, emotional level, and spiritual level! Our cacao ceremonial will weave the drinking of ceremonial cacao, along with meditation, sound bath, and dance!


A despacho is a ritual offering common here in the Sacred Valley. It is used to create an exchange of gratitude between human beings and the natural world. It is an ancient ceremony of prayer in the Q'ero lineage, from the Andes of Peru. A combination of plant, animal, mineral, and human made products are used in this prayer offering, each element represents something specific and carries a prayer of its own. As the elements are added, the despacho becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing. Traditionally, the offering is either burned or buried to promote the lifestyle of Ayni (sacred reciprocity).Our dear local sister, Roxanna who is studying to be a Q'ero, will open and close our retreat with a guided despacho offering for our group.


Natural plants that come from nature. NOT synthetic man-made drugs. These plants have psychedelic properties that take their imbibers on transformational inner journeys of self-reflection and profound consciousness expansion that can change their lives in highly positive ways.



Huachuma is the Quechua word for the Andean plant commonly known as San Pedro cactus. Learn about its ancient and modern uses as a psychedelic natural medicine. Native to the Andean mountain range of South America, huachuma (Echinopsis pachanoi) is also known as San Pedro (Saint Peter) because it is said to be the key that opens the gates of heaven. With its potential to catalyze deep healing at many levels, both for individuals and societies, it is a “teacher plant” that has much to offer those looking for a profound entheogenic experience. Because it is a bit gentler than many of the other plant teachers, huachuma has earned the nickname “The Grandfather” around the medicine community. It is a form of Mescaline. Mescaline itself is nontoxic. This is a master plant that can open the heart and lead to profound insights, healing, and transformation. If you have any specific questions -- please ask us anything!


A sweat lodge is a low profile hut, typically dome-shaped or oblong, and made with natural materials. The structure is the lodge, and the ceremony performed within the structure may be called by some cultures a purification ceremony or simply a sweat. 

Sweat lodge ceremonies are about more than just sweating — they’re purification rituals used for a broad range of purposes, depending on the culture and the occasion. Most sweat lodge ceremonies practiced today are associated with Native American cultures, or with Mexican roots, who use these ceremonies to give thanks, to heal, to seek wisdom, and to purify the mind, body, and soul.

Native American sweat ceremonies typically take place in domed, circular lodges, though some cultures use teepees, or even pits covered with branches or tree trunks. A fire is lit directly outside the lodge, tended by a highly trained firekeeper who heats the stones that are used to keep the lodge hot.

We will be guided by our sister Leti, who keeps the four door tradition and will hold the fiery space with both gentleness and fierceness with her prayers and songs.


No fear sister! you are guided here to connect and to be a vital part of a sacred puzzle our Souls create together!

This retreat is designed for FULL inclusion. To create a space where you are held by us and each other, every moment. This is a place where you can fully be you and express EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that comes up.

Coming alone could be the most courageous and transformational decision you could make for your self!


Yes 100%. Both Sam and Sydney and all the other facilitators have been living in the sacred Valley and have never felt safer traveling as women. Travel is easy and we will send out detailed directions to help you navigate flights, documents, and regulations.


Traveling is super easy. Peru is one of the easiest places to get into and leave.


Depending on where you are coming from travel times will be different. However you must first fly international into LIMA airport - then you take a second domestic flight from LIMA to CUSCO. Once you have arrived in cusco it is around a 40 minute drive into the sacred valley.

We will have a few vans/taxis arranged to pick you up from the airport when you land!


It will be spring time for our retreat! Weather is cool/cold at night and warm/sunny during the day!


We will email a more in depth packing list soon!


of course! We actually have a waiting list for the next retreat -- so sign up below and we will let you know in the next month the dates of our next retreat!


FullSizeRender 2.jpg


A list of things I have been transforming in my internal and external worlds since working with Sam:


* Becoming curious about my mental and emotional experience 

* Focusing within when I feel triggered by something perceived as “outside of myself” and seeing how I can change my experience by looking within and addressing my needs. 

* Transforming the belief of separation through seeing the other as the self. 

* Bringing this consciousness of “the other being the self” into my dream time & learning from my dreams in a whole new way. 

* Being encouraged and supported to stay in my process, when I am not understanding it and wanting it to change has been profound. Having the support to stay present helps me to discover deeper layers of self compassion as I journey through myself.

* Seeing the Thought, feeling, physical patterns in Sam and her presence in my life has helped me manifest the seemingly impossible through seeing it as possible. She has help me bring myself out of my downward spiral loops and has helped me start to spiral up.

* Observing the mind, the stories and seeing how by practicing this I changing the stories of what has been told to me to what I believe for myself to be true and feel aligned

- Elizabeth

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