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By Dijion Bowden / Conversation with Sydney Strabala

THE SUBSTRAND PODCAST #4: Soul-Expression Session: How to Authentically Create Yourself (ft. Sound Healing) with Sydney Strabala


Biohack Your Soul With Sydney Strabala

Today we are live from the RAMA institute in Manhattan, NYC. I interview speaker, kundalini teacher & total GODDESS Sydney Strabala. We take a deep dive into spirituality & I cannot wait for you to listen to this life-changing episode!


Topics we discuss:

  • The chakras & imbalances

  • The Samsara Cycle

  • Life & the heart chakra

  • Breathwork 101

  • What is Spirituality

  • & creating your Kundalini practice

  • The physical, spiritual & history of wellness practices

This week I sat down with Sydney Strabala (@creatingsyd), a highly experienced program coordinator and passionate creator on a mission to empower human beings to step into their best selves. Syd's approach is multi-dimensional - she’s a certified Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher, breathwork coach, and sound healing practitioner. She’s also a multi-media artist, creative director, and founder. You can’t put labels on Syd, but everything she does is rooted in the belief that authentic self expression and spirituality are intertwined. Her word for this integration is soul-expression.

In this chat Syd shares what this term means, and how we can create from a place of deep love and inspiration. We also cover a bunch of other topics including:

  • The sacred plant medicine cacao and its heart-opening properties

  • Yoga as a science and technology

  • Specific mantras to silence the mind and reset the nervous system

  • Destiny and free will and why they're not mutually exclusive

  • The real difference between the ego & the soul

  • What it means to fully experience oneself

  • To close things out Syd shared a sound healing meditation that you’re definitely going to want to tune into.

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guided audio meditations: 

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